Rui Osório de Castro Foundation donates 100,000 euros to support children with cancer

In the current moment of Covid-19 pandemic, the Rui Osório de Castro Foundation (FROC) provides 100 thousand euros to ensure that the care provided to children with cancer – a group at risk for being immunocompromised – is the best possible.

This donation will be used to purchase an ultrasound for the pediatric intensive care service of the Hospital CHUC – Pediatric of Coimbra, personal protective and disinfection equipment and other goods or equipment that may be identified as necessary by the three reference centers of pediatric oncology that exist in Portugal and by the families of children with oncological disease.

Through Hovione, which is producing alcohol-based antiseptic solution (SABA), commonly known as alcohol gel, FROC will also ensure the availability of this disinfectant solution to its target audience. This action is coordinated with Acreditar – Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer.

Cristina Potier, Director of FROC, says: “This national and global emergency situation is totally unexpected and we still don’t know how long it will last.
In view of this scenario, we could not sit idly by, and exceptionally we will support our children and their families outside our area of ​​expertise.
We want to respond to your needs and your families. They are always our priority. These needs are identified by the three pediatric oncology reference centers and Acreditar ”.

In parallel, and already in its area of ​​operation, the Foundation makes available on the Portuguese Pediatric Oncology Information Portal (PIPOP) a section especially dedicated to Covid-19.

In this area, families find basic indications about the care they should take, how to deal with and how to talk about the topic with links to other sites with information that can be trusted.

About the Rui Osório de Castro Foundation:

The Rui Osório de Castro Foundation aims to support and protect children with cancer and their families, focusing its activity on two main areas: INFORMING, by clarifying parents and children on issues related to childhood cancer, and PROMOTING THE INVESTIGATION, thus contributing to the advancement of medicine in this area.

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