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Rui Reininho takes the “20,000 Underwater Mares” to Casa da Música and Lux ​​Frágil


Rui Reininho has as much of its own as it is unusual, whether among the living or among the memories of the dead that have marked us. After the infamous “Companhia das Indias” (2008), the musician takes a more experimental path with “20.000 Éguas Submarinas”.

Produced by Paulo Borges, together they conceived a journey that for two years took them through the confines of the seas already navigated, at a pace, trot, gallop, moth and flight, as an escape from deep corals, but not as deep as the exercise of liberation already revealed.

The new disc in vinyl format (180g) arrived in stores on September 4th and is now also available for order through Rui Reininho’s Bandcamp page.

On November 27, at 10 pm, Rui Reininho takes the stage of Sala Suggia at Casa da Música, accompanied by the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra (OJM), under musical direction by Pedro Guedes, and also by Paulo Borges (producer of “20.000 Éguas Submarinas”) and Alexandre Soares (Osso Vaidoso, Três Tristes Tigres). The big band arrangements will be by João Guimarães, João Pedro Brandão, José Pedro Coelho, Pedro Guedes and Telmo Marques.

Glimpses of the future always seem to resonate with ancestral landscapes. These are the naked words for sound, percussion and electricity, wind and wind, a Tan Tan in Tibet or the lion of Boavista. The Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra (OJM) ventures into the mysteries that roam in 20,000 Underwater Mares, Rui Reininho’s newest album. The themes arise from Reininho’s improvisations with Paulo Borges with the participation of Alexandre Soares. Musicians from OJM transform them into the Big Band and join them all in this imaginary ship because “you have to fly over the sea and navigate the air.

On December 9, at 10:30 pm, Rui Reininho takes the stage of Lux Frágil, this time with the musicians who have accompanied him in the last presentation concerts of the disc, namely Paulo Borges, Alexandre Soares, Julius Gabriel and Pedro Oliveira.

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