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Rui Veloso celebrates 40+1 years, at the Coliseu, and it was fantastic

Campo Pequeno

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The “father of Portuguese Rock N’ Roll“, celebrated 40+1 years of career, after dazzling Porto it was Campo Pequeno’s turn, in a concert where he sang some of the themes that have made Portuguese cry, laugh, sing, dancing, which has given so many emotions to all.

It was with ‘Esta mulher é a minha ruína‘ that Rui Veloso started the concert, to a “rain” of applause, with the audience, who filled the Coliseu, standing, one of the many emotional moments of the concert, Rui Veloso, he thanked the audience many times, for the wonderful night, for singing with him, for being, in the artist’s words, ‘”fantastic“.

Rui Veloso > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 20211126

Rui Veloso sangJá não há canções de amor’, ‘Sei de uma camponesa’, ‘O prometido é devido’, ‘Primeiro Beijo’, ‘Não há estrelas no céu’, ‘Porto Côvo’, ‘Lado lunar’, among others, and many others were left to sing, there are so many themes that have delighted us in this 41 years.

Guests at this concert were Miguel Araújo with whom he sang Bairro do Oriente’, ‘Anda comigo ver os aviões’ and ‘Em busca dum visual, Paulo Flores and Manecas Costa with whom he sang ‘Si bu Sta dianti da Luta‘ and ‘Porto Sentido‘, Paulo Flores would even say that it was with Rui Veloso’s songs that he got to know the Portuguese people better, followed by Maro, ‘together they sang Jura’ and ‘Paro quando ouço o teu nome, Dany da Silva was the last of the special guests to come in, friends for many years sang Lua ‘Nha Testemunha.


Rui Veloso > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 20211126

Rui Veloso dedicated the theme ‘Serpente no jardim‘ to his daughter Joana, and he left a word of appreciation to the former President of the Republic, General Ramalho Eanes and his wife Maria Eanes, who were present at the concert.

Of course, the theme that Rui Veloso made known and who has been sung for several generations, ‘Chico Fininho’, could not be missing, and with the chorus of a full coliseum singing, it was even more memorable.

With all the guests on stage, with the audience, standing, singing ‘Sodade‘, which would be the end of the concert, but before leaving, Rui Veloso wanted to sing yet another ‘A Paixão‘, with which closed this excellent concert.

Concert setlist:

  • Esta mulher é a minha ruína
  • Ai quem me dera a mim rolar contigo num palheiro
  • Já não há canções de amor
  • Sei de uma camponesa
  • Saiu para a rua
  • Bairro do Oriente – com Miguel Araújo
  • Anda comigo ver os aviões – com Miguel Araújo
  • O prometido é devido
  • Primeiro Beijo
  • Guadiana
  • Não há estrelas no céu
  • Todo o tempo do mundo
  • Um trolha d’Areosa
  • Si bu Sta dianti da luta – com Paulo Flores e Manecas Costa
  • Porto Sentido – com Paulo Flores e Manecas Costa
  • Porto Côvo
  • Nunca me esqueci de ti
  • Beirã
  • Lado lunar
  • Jura – com Maro
  • Paro quando ouço o teu nome – com Maro
  • Serpente no jardim
  • Sayago Blues
  • Em busca dum visual – com Miguel Araújo
  • Ó Clotilde
  • Chico Fininho
  • Lua ‘Nha Testemunha – com Dany da Silva
  • Sodade – com todos os convidados
  • A Paixão

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