Rui Veloso and Tito Paris close the Festival Jardins do Marquês, in Oeiras

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After 12 concerts with national and international artists, the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley ended with Rui Veloso and Tito Paris

The Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley, designed to awaken all the senses, in an iconic space, aimed at an audience that emphasizes quality and comfort and seeks new experiences, organized 7 outdoor nights and 14 intimate concerts with national and international, in Oeiras

On the closing day, July 11th, it was Rui Veloso and Tito Paris’ turn to take the stage at Jardins do Marquês for two of the festival’s most anticipated concerts.

Cape Verdean musician Tito Paris opened the night with “Morna PPV“, followed by “Guilhermina”, “Mim ê Bô”, “Mãm Bia”, “Otilio Otilia”, “Marina” and “Pretinha”. With a sound that is especially characterized by the opening of mornas, funanás and coladeras to the sound of jazz, rock, salsa and flamenco, maintaining the typically Creole flavor, Tito Paris also played songs such as “Coragem Irmom”, “Poeta”, “Febre Di Funana”, “Curti bo life”, “Dança Ma Mim Criola” and “Sodade”.

Closing the festival, the singer, composer, guitarist, and icon of Portuguese music, Rui Veloso, took to the stage at Jardins do Marquês to recall themes and classics from a career full of successes. We can listen to memorable and timeless themes such as “Chico Fininho”, “Não há estrelas no céu”, “Porto Covo”, “Nunca me esqueci de ti”, “Sexta-feira nem que chova”, “Bairro do Oriente”, “A origem do mal”, “Porto sentido”, “Primeiro beijo”, “Não me mintas”, “A paixão” and “Lua Nha Testemunha”“, which he sang with Tito Paris.

Seu Jorge with Daniel Jobim Sing Tom Jobim, Rua das Pretas, Maria João Pires, Júlio Resende, Rufus Wainwright, Vicente Palma, António Zambujo, Tainá, Mayra Andrade, Bonga, Jorge Palma and Camané with Mário Laginha also passed on the stage at Jardins do Marquês, always strictly complying with all public health rules determined by the General Directorate of Health.


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