Rum of the Engenhos do Norte matures in depth in the Madeira sea

Six hundred and five bottles of ‘Rum Agricola Madeira 970 Reserva’ from the Engenhos do Norte Distillery, housed in five metal cages, were launched on Wednesday at the Quinta do Lorde Marina, in Caniçal, in an experiment presented as unpublished.

This is an initiative of the company J. Faria, owner of the almost century-old Engenhos do Norte Distillery, founded in 1927 in the town of Porto da Cruz, in the municipality of Machico, in Madeira, in partnership with the Center for Marine Sciences and the environment.

The objective is to determine the evolution of the organoleptic properties (which impress the senses) of the agricultural rum produced by the North Mills in an underwater maturation.

Five metal cages were deposited in the depths of the Quinta do Lorde Marina entrance, two of which will be hoisted and removed within three months. The remaining three will remain in the water for a year.

We think it’s going to be good, it’s going to be an unprecedented rum experience, because we’ve done a survey and, to date, we do not know that such experience has already been made,” told Miguel Faria, head of the company.

“We made the sinking of five cages containing a total of 605 bottles in the clear waters of the Quinta do Lorde Marina, at a depth ranging from eight to ten meters, with the intention of gauging the evolution of rum when subjected to these conditions experiential, “he explained.

The rum produced by Destilaria Engenhos do Norte, which has already received several international awards (silver and bronze medals in spirits competitions), is destined, for the most part, to export to the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy.

The rum deposited in the ocean is the “970 Reserva“, obtained exclusively by alcoholic fermentation of the fresh juice of sugar cane and subsequent distillation, staging for six years in French oak casks.

Engenhos do Norte is one of the few examples of the distillery to operate in Madeira and the only one with steam-powered machinery that goes back to Madeira. With its 26-meter-high chimney, evident in the landscape of the small and quiet village of Porto da Cruz, the times of the Industrial Revolution.

According to the IVBAM – Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft of Madeira, in 2018 518,062.10 litres of Rum Agricultural Madeira were bottled, which generated a revenue of 2,527,317.82 euros.

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