Russ Ballard and Brian Spence at Rock Night

Casino Estoril

With millions of fans around the world, Russ Ballard and Brian Spence are two living rock legends from the 80s, who return, on September 30, at 10 pm, to the Black and Silver Room of the Estoril Casino.

Russ Ballard takes the stage to remember the greatest hits of his career, ensuring an unmissable concert that will also have Brian Spence as a special guest, another rock reference that promises to recover compositions that have become timeless.

Russ Ballard is one of the most renowned composers in the world, he has written songs for several artists, including Roger Daltrey (The Who), Santana, Kiss, Hot Chocolate, Frida (Abba), America, Elkie Brooks, among others. Russ Ballard’s music has contributed to over 50 million records sold!

This exclusive return of Russ Ballard will be a unique opportunity for all Rock fans, guaranteeing a memorable night with Russ Ballard and his new band recovering the best-known hits of Portuguese fans that integrate the albums “Russ Ballard” and “The Fire Still Burns”.

Songs like “Voices” and “In The Night” (which were part of the soundtrack of the famous television series “Miami Vice”), “I Can’t Hear You No More”, “Two Silhouettes”, “Dream On”, “Woman Like You” and “The Fire Still Burns” will be featured in the Black and Silver Room.

Brian Spence is once again Russ Ballard’s special guest, “Hear It From the Heart” and “Will Never Be My Friend” are two of the great rock classics of this singer who left his mark in the 80s. His album “Brothers” broke records in Portugal and was considered one of the rarest among collectors.

Brian Spence will recover themes from the albums “Brothers” and “Reputation” that seduced Portuguese fans. Recognized guitarist, he continues to be in demand for the best rock compilations.

The Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Room is once again the stage for a grandiose and electrifying show where the best rock classics that have seduced Portuguese fans will parade.

Casino Estoril welcomes Russ Ballard and Brian Spence on the 30th of September, from 10 pm, in the Black and Silver Room. M/6. Prices: 39€.

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