Ruy de Carvalho sponsors “Procissão da Aleluia” of São Brás de Alportel, finalist of the “7 Wonders of Popular Culture”

The acclaimed and talented actor Ruy de Carvalho is the sponsor of the “Procissão da Aleluia” candidacy to the “7 Wonders of Popular Culture” program that until 6 July is disputing the election as a regional finalist, through popular telephone vote by no. 706 207 707.

An indispensable figure in Portuguese culture, at the age of 93, this actor of singular talent, with a career of almost 8 decades on stage, in theater and cinema, currently participates in the series “Nazaré” with an enviable youth that is contagious to all. !

Ruy de Carvalho has been strengthening his connection with São Brás de Alportel, a land he visits assiduously as the godfather of the association “Coração 100Dono”, dedicated to the defense of the animal cause and now honors our municipality by accepting the invitation to sponsor the Hallelujah Procession. An event that makes São Paulo Easter Sunday unique.

The secular relationship of this Easter celebration with the São Brasse community, in a mixture of faith and tradition that cannot be fully explained, but only felt, was the genesis of this candidacy, based on the unique characteristics of a procession where the walkers give way to the flowers, elevated to the skies, in beautiful torches, in a course designed by magnificent carpets of flowers of the field prepared by cheerful hands… culminating in an echo that rises very high “He has risen as he said. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah ”, the refrain repeated over and over!

The procession of Aleluia with ancestral roots is historically and sentimentally linked to the São Brasense community, it is the heart of the Festa das Tochas Floridas, which attracts thousands of visitors to the municipality year after year, where they still have the opportunity to have a unique and genuine experience. cultural and gastronomic level.

The São Brasense application was chosen as a regional finalist for the “7 Wonders of Popular Culture” program, which this year received 504 applications at the national level and is part of a list of 140 regional finalists at the national level and preparing to compete together with 7 more applications from the Algarve.

The regional qualifiers will be transmitted through RTP1 and RTP Internacional from July 6, totaling 20 regional finals in which the finalists who move on to the next stage will be chosen through popular votes.

The Associação Cultural Sambrasense, with the support of the Municipality of São Brás de Alportel, presented the candidacy for the contest that aims to determine which are the 7 most significant Wonders of Popular Culture in Portugal, an initiative that follows a set of other contests “7 Wonders ”That since 2007 intend to disseminate and communicate the positive values ​​of a strong National Identity – recognized national causes.

The two semifinals, which will choose 14 finalists, will be broadcast on 23 and 30 August, while the grand final is scheduled for September 5 and will be broadcast in prime time on RTP.

In a year in which the tourism sector is facing unprecedented and challenging challenges caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID19, this contest puts the focus on domestic tourism and challenges the Portuguese to experience Portugal through scripts inspired by the elections held since 2007.

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