Last Monday, S. Pedro released his most recent single “Tão Difícil”

the third single from the album to be released later this year

Last Monday S. Pedro released his new single “Tão Difícil”. This is the third revelation of the artist’s new album, which will be known in 2023, after the releases of “Campanhã” and “Sem Nobody”.

This record will be S. Pedro’s third studio album.

«Sometimes the people we take for granted slip through our fingers, precisely because we take them as ours and, as João Pedro Pais used to sing “Nobody belongs to anyone even when you love someone”.

This song tries to crystallize that precise moment. The moment when we desperately try to say everything we left unsaid. At these times everything becomes “Tão Díficil”», S. Pedro tells us about his new song.

S. Pedro performs today at Casa da Música, in Porto, and tomorrow at Musicbox, in Lisbon, where he presents some of the songs from the album that will be released later this year.

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