Sacoor Brothers plant 10,000 trees in the Pinhal de Leiria

In 2018, Sacoor Brothers launched the solidarity collection ‘I Care for Portugal’ with t-shirts for men, women and children.

The objective of the campaign, developed in partnership with the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests, was the reforestation of the burnt areas in the western zone of the country, with the revenue of the pieces to be revert in its entirety to the Institute and to the acquisition of plants.

At the end of the campaign, the brand chose the month of March, the month that marks the International Tree Day and the beginning of spring, to achieve its commitment to the environment, and on the 11th, planted 10,000 trees in the Pinhal de Leiria.

The action involved 50 brand employees, from store employees to people in the marketing, design departments. The CEO of the brand for Europe, Erica Gomes says “Sacoor Brothers is a brand with Portuguese roots and therefore we could not miss the tragedy of the fires that have hit our country in recent years. with the goal of helping affected areas recover from this scourge and we are very pleased with the final result of 10,000 trees planted.

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