Salesforce and IBM come together to help organizations and people

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IBM Digital Health Pass will be integrated into Salesforce’s platform.

Salesforce has just announced a partnership with IBM to help organizations in their effort to reopen public places securely and provide people with a verifiable way that preserves management privacy and sharing their vaccination and health status in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The integration of the IBM Digital Health Pass with Salesforce’s Workplace Command Center is designed to provide organizations with a single hub to help them make decisions based on data while seeking to minimize risk, act when necessary, and communicate with each other effectively, which can help bring employees back to the offices safely, as well as tourists to hotels, spectators to music halls and sports fans to stadiums again.

With, organizations can also make surveys available to employees, visitors or travelers, and help them schedule the necessary tests and vaccines for Covid-19, and send manual contact tracking alerts if there is potential exposure.

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