Salgados Beach Villas and São Rafael Villas, Apartments & Guesthouse with a special campaign for the best holidays in the Algarve

Now that the hottest season of the year has officially started, it’s also time to schedule the much-desired vacation and enjoy the long days that bring late trips to the beach and long dinners with family or friends.

With that in mind, premium local accommodation units São Rafael Villas, Apartments & Guesthouse and Salgados Beach Villas present a special Last Minute campaign, with discounts of up to 25% and 20%, respectively, for those who have not yet decided where to spend a holiday, safely, breaking the routine.

In São Rafael Villas, Apartments & Guesthouse, this special campaign lasts until July 18th and in Salgados Beach Villas until July 9th.

On the sandy beach of the beautiful São Rafael Beach, the restaurant, which belongs to the same accommodation unit that adopted the name of the area, has opened its doors. The reopening of the gastronomic space brought the possibility of returning to lunch, dinner or a snack, with the sea as a backdrop, in a relaxed atmosphere, with a new menu filled with delicious recipes.

On the other hand, Salgados Beach Villas benefit from the wonderful meals of the inviting Primadonna Ristorante Italiano, which is just a few meters away, and which also has a take-away option for those who prefer total privacy and tranquility in the comfort of the villa.

In the various types of São Rafael – apartments, villas or guesthouse rooms – and in the houses of Salgados Beach Villas, comfort, privacy and security are a priority, with the “Clean & Safe” certificate being visible.

And being in the Algarve, which has a coastline with more than 200 km of incredible beaches, it’s worth exploring the nature reserves, venturing into the various water sports and enjoying the best summer days.


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