Salomão Soares, SF Jazz Collective and Julia Biel at Caldas Nice Jazz

Brazilian Solomão Soares, the American group SF Jazz Collective and Briton Julia Biel will be at the Caldas da Rainha International Jazz Festival between October 13 and November 3, the organization announced today.

“The program maintains a sample of styles, which are essential for a perception of the universe of influences that Jazz possesses and provides, as well as new currents,” summed up Carlos Mota, director of the Caldas Nice jazz festival and the Cultural and Congress Center CCC) of Caldas da Rainha, in the district of Leiria.

The concerts on CCC’s main stage are concentrated between October 25 and November 3 and start with the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra, which promises to revisit the repertoire of jazz history between 1925 and 1955, when orchestras animated the main nightlife venues .

In a concert commented by the critic Manuel Jorge Veloso, the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra plays pieces by musicians like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman or Dizzy Gillespie.

The next day, the trio of Salomão Soares, who is considered one of the new talent among the Brazilian pianists and who, in 2017, won the first prize of the MIMO Festival in Brazil, and was a finalist at the Montreux International Piano Festival , in Switzerland.

On October 27, it is the turn of the American group SF Jazz Collective, which is composed of eight of the best considered artists and composers of jazz of the present time. This multi-award-winning group promises to cover much of Miles Davis’ repertoire, but also features original compositions.

The rhythm of concerts is resumed on November 1, with the trio of Briton Matt Chandler, which brings a style that goes from jazz to punk and folk to electronic.

The next day, Julia Biel, who is preparing for the third album of originals and was considered by The Independent the “best British singer of the time”.

The concerts on the main stage of the CCC conclude with Alfa Mist Trio, an English group that mixes jazz, hip hop and soul and released the album “Antiphon”.

For almost a month, the Caldas Nice Jazz takes free concerts to various spaces of the parishes and the city of Caldas da Rainha, as well as the Folio – Literary Festival of Óbidos.

During the days of the festival, the CCC has an exhibition on the 100 years of jazz in Portugal, curated by the researcher João Moreira dos Santos.

The show tells the story of a musical genre whose first echoes arrived in the country in 1916/17 and which was interspersed with figures of the national culture as Ferreira de Castro, Almada Negreiros or António Lopes Ribeiro.

The festival promotes, for the first time, masterclasses of jazz guitar by Briton Matt Chandler, as well as concerts by local philharmonic artists under the program “Philharmonics also play jazz”, jazz concerts, DJ performance, wine tasting and sale of music for collectors.

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