Salvador sings “Bernardo Sassetti”

Teatro São Luiz, in Lisbon, was small to accommodate so many spectators eager for a great afternoon of music.

With musical arrangements by Luís Figueiredo and lyrics by Luísa Sobral, Salvador Sobral was privileged to sing the songs of Bernardo Sassetti and to provide an excellent musical afternoon to all who were there.

With his very own presence of being on stage, Salvador Sobral once again showed his versatility, using his voice as a musical instrument.

About this concert, the promoters tell us: “Every year Casa Bernardo Sassetti invites a different artist to play the music of Bernardo Sassetti in concert”. So the themes were heard “Olhar“, “Caminho até Aqui“, “Costa dos Murmúrios“, “Promessas“, “Nocturno“, “O Jogo“, “Tristeza dos Dois” and “Da noite ao Silêncio“, among others.

This concert was special because, on June 24, 2020, the composer’s 50th anniversary was celebrated, due to the pandemic, it was forcibly postponed to 2021. This concert thus fulfils one of the main objectives of Casa Bernardo Sassetti: “to see the musical heritage remains alive and transforms itself in the hands of the most versed interpreters, composers and arrangers, showing the versatility and timelessness of the work left by Bernardo Sassetti”.

Casa Bernardo Sassetti is a non-profit cultural association, created in September 2012, which aims to keep alive the entire musical heritage of the composer, who died prematurely on May 10, 2012, in Cascais.

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