Salvador Sobral and Sara Tavares are headliners of the Azores Burning Summer

Salvador Sobral and Sara Tavares are the heads of the fifth edition of the Azores Burning Summer Festival, held on August 30 and 31, in the parish of Porto Formoso, in São Miguel.

According to the artistic director of the festival, Filipe Tavares, Azores Burning Summer 2019 – “the strongest ever”, Terrakota, Cais do Sodré Funk Connection, Tcheka, Mário Laginha, and Jennie Bellestar, lead singer of The Belle Stars, who will star with Adrian Sherwood, who join the heads of posters announced today at a press conference.

The “first and only eco-festival in the region” also has an ecological program, which starts this week with the broadcast of four ECO TALKS on Antena 1 Açores, debates that will focus on the themes’ The Future of Marine Resources ‘,’ Urbanism and Spatial Planning ‘,’ Water Management ‘and’ Education – New Paradigms’.

The festival, which has for the first time two ambassadors, eco-activists Ana Milhazes and Catarina Matos, has implemented, since 2016, measures of sustainability ‘zero waste’, which allowed 90% reduction in the consumption of disposable plastics.

It has been co-organized since last year by the Municipality of Ribeira Grande, which “from the very first moment” realized “the scope of this differentiating event”, stressed the president of the municipality, Alexandre Gaudêncio.

“This type of festival has also opened the eyes of the local authority to the issue of waste,” he said, adding that the municipality “has already taken a leading role in this issue” and will abolish plastic that is not reusable at all events.

Also at the press conference was the Regional Director of Culture, Susana Goulart Costa, who highlighted the “extremely diversified, very versatile program that decentralizes culture within the island of São Miguel.”

She added that this event “combines three lines that are very important for the development of the Azores at the moment, such as” nature, landscapes and environment “,” investment in tourism attraction “and with the issues of culture. ”

Susana Goulart Costa also said that the Azores Burning Summer brings an “offer that defends regional interests while at the same time externalizing them through tourism and cultural dynamics.”

The festival, organized by ARTAC, a regional association for the promotion and development of Tourism, Environment, Culture, and Health, in collaboration with Ribeira Grande Municipal Council, has the support of the Regional Executive through the Regional Directorates of Culture and Tourism.

For the previous editions passed names like Orelha Negra, Elida Almeida, Fogo Fogo, and Capitão Fausto.

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