Salvador Sobral presents “all llegar” with Jorge Drexler

“al llegar”, the duet that brings together Salvador Sobral and Jorge Drexler is the first release of TIMBRE, Salvador Sobral’s new studio record, which hits stores on September 29 and is already available for pre-sale in several stores.



About the new single Salvador Sobral tells us the process:

“Todos los propósitos cambian de forma al llegar”

“It was with this saying as a starting point that this song came about, built almost in the form of a weird skeleton with my longtime partner Leo Aldrey. I would send him a sentence and he would reply with another, as in a dialogue. It was a construction process very similar to what happens in a conversation between two people. Perhaps for that very reason, it was clear from the beginning that it would have to take shape in a duet. When we composed the music, it was very clear that even if involuntarily, it was going to draw a lot from Drexler’s musical universe. Drexler had been telling me for a long time that he liked us to record together, but it was a difficult birth. I sent him the song when it was ready, he loved it and wanted to move on right away, but until we set schedules it still took a few long months. He always told me: he continues to bother me because I really want to do this, we’ll meet one day. And so it was, from one moment to the next he wrote to me saying that he was coming to Madrid and had a window of time to go to the studio, I caught a plane and in a short time we were recording “al llegar”. With the music video more or less the same thing happened: the only time Jorge could record it was two hours before his concert in Lisbon. I immediately spoke with Casota – perfect for this type of impossible mission – and they had this idea of making a kind of tableau, which turned out to work very well. The lyrics are based a lot on the idea that all our purposes or intentions change as soon as we get there. That desire to always go after something else, that there is always a new dream to emerge, whenever another one comes true. Like this one that I fulfill now when editing this song. I feel really grateful to have the opportunity to record with one of the artists that I admire the most. And to be able to go to dinner and talk to him afterward!”Salvador Sobral

TIMBRE marks the long-awaited return of Salvador Sobral to record releases. The Portuguese musician’s fourth studio album comprises 11 originals, 10 created in partnership with Leo Aldrey, who is also responsible for producing the album.

“The name TIMBRE came about for two main reasons. The first, perhaps most obvious, is because above all in this life, I am a singer, an interpreter and what most defines and distinguishes me is my voice, my timbre. The second reason is that I am interested in the concept of timbre as a color, the color of the voice, and the color of the instruments. The record will be like a colorful palette of timbres that trigger clarity.

Oh! And there’s a third reason for the album’s name. It’s just that the timbre is the same in many Latin and Germanic languages. It is spelled the same and means the same. It seems that the concept of TIMBRE is universal and puts us all in agreement.”

Says Salvador Sobral.

The album will be presented live in Lisbon, CCB, on the 27th of October and in Porto, Casa da Música, on the 15th of November and tickets are already on sale. Tickets to Santa Maria da Feira, São João da Madeira, and Germany have already been confirmed. Until September, Salvador Sobral continues on the road with the tour of his last album, “bpm”.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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