Salvador Sobral presented “bpm” at CCB

Salvador Sobral was at the CCB, last Friday, to present his latest album “bpm”.

“bpm” marks the first time that the singer ventures to edit an album composed entirely of his own originals, in partnership with Leo Aldrey, who is also responsible for the production of the album.

The concert began with Leo Aldrey on the themes “Mar de Memórias”, “Fui ver o meu amor” and “La canción vieja”, followed by “Se de mim precisarem“, about procrastination, the waltz “The old waltz” and “Medo de estimação“, about the fear of dying.

“The album’s name is the result of an IP. In a reflection on music and life, I come to the conclusion that the strongest element that unites them is the bpm (beats per minute). It’s what gives us life, the beats of the heart, and it is what gives pulse to the music, what makes it live.” – said the artist about the album.

This was followed by “Sangue do meu sangue“, the first single to be taken from the album, in March, “Sem voz”, “Paris Tokyo”, and “Paint the town”. In the last part of the concert Salvador Sobral invited the singer Mayra Andrade for the themes “Aplauso Dentro”, and “La souffleuse”. The concert ended with the theme “Bom vento”.

Salvador Sobral was accompanied by musicians André Rosinha (Bass), André Santos (Guitar), Bruno Pedroso (Drums) and Max Agnas (Piano).

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