Salvador Sobral offered Brel with an open soul

The Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral, took to the CCB his interpretation of the successes of Jacques Brel, in a show about the name “Salvador Sobral Canta Brel”.

Salvador Sobral, who most of the public knows about Eurovision when he won the Festival with “Amar pelos dois”, has made his career in the Jazz area took this show to CCB on Saturday, at the house of Music yesterday, and today he is in Aveiro.

In a completely full house, he entered the stage playing “J’Arrive“, followed by “Quand on a l’amour” and “Les Paumés du petit Matin“, covering many of the themes that made the Belgian singer known.

Salvador Sobral was accompanied by Samuel Lercher – Piano, Nelson Cascais – Double bass, Joel Silva – Drums, André Santos – Guitar, Inês Vaz – Accordéon, Diogo Duque – Trumpet and Flutes, Ana Cláudia Serrão – Violoncelo.

The public liked and applauded with enthusiasm, the interpretations that the singer courageously made his own, in a night to remember Jacques Brel and to applaud Salvador Sobral.

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