Salvador Sobral with series of concerts at Teatro Maria de Matos

Salvador Sobral is one of the bets on the start-up schedule of Teatro Maria Matos where he will take three of his projects on stage, on Mondays and Tuesdays, from the second week of August.

Starting on the 10th and 11th, with Salvador Sobral Canta Brel, the show that he presented at the beginning of the year in a cycle of unique (and sold out) concerts at CCB, in Lisbon; at Casa da Música, in Porto; and at Teatro Aveirense.

On the 17th and 18th, Maria Matos receives Alma Nuestra, a band he shares with Victor Zamora, Nelson Cascais and André Sousa Machado, resulting from the passion for songs from Cuba and Latin America and Jazz, with a homonymous album published in Portugal, in October 2019, and internationally, last June, by Warner Music Spain.

Towards the end of the month, on the 24th and 25th, Salvador Sobral will perform in a quintet, in the repertoire will include themes from his previous albums – Excuse Me and Paris, Lisbon, and will present first hand some of the originals of the new record, whose launch is scheduled for next year.

SOBRAL SALVADOR SINGS BREL | 10th and 11th of August | 9 pm | Tickets €14 – €16

The famous chanson française refers to a musical universe with a unique language where the word takes on a primary role in the construction of the songs. Jacques Brel is a basic name of French-speaking culture with a stamp printed in various artistic manifestations, ranging from cinema to music.

It was in the last one that he affirmed his identity as one of the most acclaimed interpreters of the last century – crossing the borders of his native Belgium and France that welcomed him. A storyteller (both through words and the intensity of his performances) that fell in love with Salvador Sobral and led him to create this cycle of concerts where the proposal is explained in the title: sing Brel. To achieve it, he surrounded himself with musicians who understand this musical language in all its complexity and richness.

ALMA NUESTRA | 17th and 18th of August | 9 pm | Tickets €14 – €16

“In my life I went through several temporary musical obsessions: Stevie Wonder in childhood, Hip-Hop in adolescence, more recently Chanson Française, etc … However, there are two musical currents that, after they entered my life, most abandoned me – Jazz and Cuban Music. Now, on a beautiful spring night in Lisbon, at “Onda Jazz”, I met a true son of these two sounds, Victor Zamora, a Cuban pianist with a jazzman’s eighth note, who would prove to be the right accomplice to create a project that brought these two together passions.

And so it was, Alma Nuestra grew up with our friendship. We would both sit at the piano and start our creative process: take an old bolero and destroy it completely, with no shame in the face. Later, two other partners joined this tropical crime – Nelson Cascais and André Sousa Machado, who, with their ideas full of sensitivity and musicality, brought what was missing to define the identity of this soul of ours. ”
Salvador Sobral

SALVADOR SOBRAL QUINTETO | 24th and 25th of August | 9 pm | Tickets €14 – €16

While preparing the next studio record, Salvador Sobral continues on the road with Paris, Lisbon, his own album released in early 2019 that has taken him on an extensive national and international tour.
Live, the songs leave the disc and rise to another sphere, gaining multiple lives, it is not by chance that it is said that Salvador Sobral does not give two equal concerts.

The passion and liveliness with which he gives himself to each performance makes each concert an unrepeatable moment.
In these concerts the audience will already be able to hear some of the unpublished themes that are preparing for the next album and to know the band that will give them body.

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