Salvador Sobral’s new album ‘Paris, Lisbon’ edited today

‘Paris, Lisbon’, Salvador Sobral’s second album, which features a “more mature” sound, with various influences and the participation of “immense friends” and in which the singer continues “looking”, is edited today.

“Paris, Lisbon” comes three years after “Excuse Me,” in which he crossed references of a lifetime, from Chet Baker’s jazz to the Brazilian classics of Dorival Caymmi, dating back to 2016, and almost two years after winning the Eurovision Song Contest of the Song, with the song “Amar pelos dois”, composed by his sister, Luísa Sobral, becoming the first Portuguese to achieve this achievement.

In the second album, “the musicians are basically the same, the band’s sound is the same” as in the first, but “a bit more mature,” said the singer.

“Paris, Lisbon”, whose title is in part a tribute to “Paris, Texas” by Wim Wenders, Salvador Sobral’s “favorite film”, is a “record of influences”, but also a record in which singer continues to “look”.

“I’m always looking for the music I do and I always hope to continue. I’ll never really find what I want to do because I like doing so many things, but I think it’s a healthy artistic incoherence,” he said.

In the alignment of the singer’s concerts already have also entered some of the 12 songs that make up “Paris, Lisbon”.

“Instead of recording the record and playing the record, we usually record it after we’ve hit the road with it. ‘It’s going to ruin my plans’ we’ve been playing for a long time,’ Benjamin ‘is a long time ago and’ Playing with the wind ‘there is also a lot of time, “he said, referring to being the” reverse process “of the usual,” but it’s funny too. ”

Among the friends who joined Salvador Sobral in the design and production of the album are drummer Joel Silva, pianist Júlio Resende, singers Luísa Sobral and António Zambujo, bassist André Rosinha and guitarist André Santos.

In addition to his friends, there is another part of Salvador Sobral’s life well present on the album, in the first song “180,181 (catharsis)”, which the singer wanted “to be zero music, but technically, it can not be done.”

The subject covers the days he spent in the hospital when he was subjected to a heart transplant.

“It’s really all that was left behind, and this experience was so strong that I had it and wanted to express it,” he said, confiding that he wanted “the album to start with a kind of rebirth.”

In the album, which will be presented in May in Faro, Teatro das Figuras (on 03), Lisbon, Coliseu (at 10), and Porto at the Coliseum (at 11), Salvador Sobral sings in Portuguese, Spanish and, for the first time, French.

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