Salvatore Ganacci and Nicky Romero at Seaside Sunset Sessions

Dutchman Nicky Romero and Bosnian Salvatore Ganacci perform at Pampilhosa da Serra in August during the sixth edition of the Seaside Sunset Sessions festival, the organization announced today.

On the same day, the program includes the participation of DJ É-me and Kamala, on the stage of the river beach of the river Unhais, in this village of the district of Coimbra.

For the 23rd, a Friday, also confirmed the performance of Nicky Romero, on a season joined by other names: DJ CØDE, Hugo Tabaco and I Love Baile Funk.

This time the festival takes place from 17 to 25 August and takes place under the motto “Reborn” (of the English, “Renascer”), constituting an appeal of the organizers to the visitors so that they participate in the rebirth of the county, one of the most flogged fires in the last decades, especially in 2017.

In the purchase of the ticket, people receive the bracelet with which they are identified in the access to the concerts on the 23rd and 24th, with Nicky Romero and Salvatore Ganacci, respectively, and a sachet with pine seeds so that during their walks through the county, can spread in areas devastated by fire.

The tickets, which can be purchased online at the festival portal, cost 20 euros (two days) and 15 euros (one day).

In the vicinity, there is a camping space with capacity for a thousand people, requiring early registration.

In the 2018 edition, the festival of Pampilhosa da Serra gathered more than eight thousand people in two nights of concerts, according to the municipality chaired by José Brito.

Over nine days along with music, this year’s program will again include other free-participation activities such as fitness on water, aqua jump, afro house classes, Zumba fitness and games on among others.

“Seaside Sunset Sessions is much more than a music festival. It mixes friends with family, camping with activities, music with nature,” the organization highlights.

Sponsored by businessman Acácio Teixeira, a native of Pampilhosa da Serra and owner of Seaside, the festival takes advantage of a stage set on the waters of the Unhais.

The camping service is free, in the form of camping, and other options are available at reduced prices, such as glamping, tents, and tents.

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