Samaná: Portuguese will be able to discover the biggest secret in the Caribbean

with Soltour’s new “all-inclusive” packages

  • Planning a summer vacation? Soltour has the perfect proposal: a hidden peninsula in the Dominican Republic that combines beaches, culture, adventure and biodiversity in a non-touristy destination.
  • The operator offers “all-inclusive” packages to Samaná, with direct flights and accommodation in four- to five-star resorts, starting at 1,175 euros.

Who has never dreamed of waking up in a paradisiacal destination, surrounded by nature, hidden beaches and turquoise waters? Who can resist dancing with a glass in hand, the intense aromas of cuisine with ancient roots or the bright colours of untouched tropical forests?

Samaná is all this kept secret. This Caribbean destination, located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, stands out for its low level of tourist exploitation and its connection to local culture, which is becoming less present in more visited destinations.

That’s why Soltour, the only tour operator to fly to Samaná, classifies the destination as “a different Caribbean”.

From June to September, Soltour will once again offer weekly charter flights that will directly connect Lisbon to Samaná, avoiding the Portuguese having to make a stopover at international airports.

Soltour is currently offering seven-night “all-inclusive” packages, exclusive for departures from Lisbon, with flight and accommodation (with breakfast) in four to five-star resorts. The packages, some with discounts of 8% to 17%, are available from 1,175 euros per person.

Samaná < Soltour

“If I could describe Samaná in one word, it would be authenticity. In this destination, visitors truly feel connected to the culture and essence of the Dominican Republic. In Samaná, nature reigns and dictates the rhythm of daily life. Whether on one of the many white sand beaches, often deserted, in the forests and natural parks or in the clear waters of Samaná Bay, travellers will be able to relax and disconnect from their routine to focus on what matters most: their well-being. ”, says Luís Santos, Commercial Director of Soltour for Portugal and Spain.

Samaná is, in fact, a biodiversity paradise with much to discover. Surrounded by a sea of crystal clear waters and abundant flora, it is one of the most authentic destinations in the Caribbean, placing visitors in the heart of nature. An example of this is the Los Haitises National Park, considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, where several species of birds are found (such as pelicans, frigates and falcons) and a mountain range 40 meters high, a true testament to an ancient era. , untouched, of pure nature.

Samaná < Soltour

Samaná is also home to some of the most fascinating beaches in the world, such as Playa Rincón, made up of several bays that stretch over three kilometres. Those who visit will hardly forget the image and sensations that remain engraved in their memory: an abundance of palm and coconut trees drawing curves along the sea, the fine white sand that warms the feet with each step, the calm waters forming a mosaic of different shades of blue.

The multitude of activities that can be found in Samaná – from the simplest relaxation to horse riding, zip-lining over the forest or diving – make this destination a multifaceted option suitable for various traveller profiles. At the same time, the diversity of accommodation on offer, with options designed for families or adults only, allows for various types of travellers to be accommodated, such as couples, families or groups.

Samaná remains a secret to be discovered. With Soltour, this dream destination is just a direct flight away in the summer of 2024.

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