Samsung Bespoke Jet: the vacuum for a complete cleaning experience

The stylish and innovative upright vacuum provides a more powerful cleaning experience with 210W of suction and is more hygienic through its Cleaning and Charging Station.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the arrival on the national market of the Bespoke Jet, a cordless vacuum cleaner with an integrated Cleaning and Charging Station. Bespoke Jet provides a more hygienic cleaning through a Multi-Layer Filtration System that ensures 99.999%1 of dirt is removed. Light and practical, the Bespoke Jet is equipped with the advanced HexaJet Motor with 210W of suction power.

In addition to all this, it comes with an innovative Cleaning and Charging Station, a base that charges the vacuum cleaner and automatically empties the waste bin. Packed with innovations, the Bespoke Jet is available in Portugal for an RRP of €849

High Performance for more effective cleaning
The Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dual-function Cleaning and Charging Station, which allows you to simultaneously recharge the equipment and transfer the garbage in a totally clean way. When the vacuum is placed in the cleaning station, it automatically empties the waste bin without the finest dust particles escaping, which is made possible by Samsung’s unique Air Pulse technology. All while charging is managed automatically.

Its 99.999%1 multi-layer filtration system ensures that the Bespoke Jet only releases clean air when cleaning. As air is sucked in, the main cyclone separates large particles of dust, which are then collected in a wire mesh filter. A specific microfilter for capturing fine dust particles, and finally, a fine dust filter retains microdust that could otherwise easily escape. Featuring a high-efficiency multi-cyclone structure, the Cyclone Jet creates an optimal air path to reduce air resistance and minimize suction loss, hygienically retaining all types of particles sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

In short, the new Samsung Bespoke Jet offers:

  • Cleaning and Charging Station – for automatic emptying and while the battery is being recharged. The cleaning station capacity is 2L.
  • Autonomy up to 60 minutes – long-lasting removable battery, other batteries can be purchased (separately) to extend the cleaning period. Battery charging time is 3.5 hours (full charge).
    Samsung’s unique technology ensures that the battery retains 70% of its original performance even after 500 cycles2.
  • Higher Suction Power – better performance in the suction of dust and more difficult particles. Ideal for use on different surfaces.
  • High Performance – the applied system optimizes the air circulation through the equipment and the multi-layer filtration effectively retains the finest dust particles. The filter prevents the re-emission of fine dust and blocks small dust particles. The entire tank (with 0.5L capacity) and dust filter assembly is fully washable and reusable3. The brush has a 180º rotating head, making it more comfortable even for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Lightweight design – less pressure on the wrist during the cleaning process. Greater control and easier movements. The equipment weight is 2.7kg.
  • Higher energy efficiency – ensures a rated power of up to 580W4, for an effective suction power of only 210W5.
  • Multi-Function Display – LCD digital display that supports 28 languages. This screen gives you all the information you need, including your suction level settings and remaining battery life. It also provides information on any problems, such as clogging, objects stuck in the brush, or missing filters, and provides a guide to help you resolve the problem.

The arrival of the Bespoke Jet changes the way we look at household appliances. It is part of the philosophy of the Samsung Bespoke range, which offers us elegant, innovative equipment designed to fit into any home“, says Henrique Pereira, Head of Sales of Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics,The Samsung Bespoke Jet takes home cleaning to the next level, the suction power combined with its performance guarantees always clean rooms and particle-free air, an added value when we look for increasingly hygienic spaces”.

Discover here all the information about the Samsung Bespoke Jet.

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