Samuel Úria and Selma Uamusse at the Lux Interior Festival in Coimbra

The third edition of the Lux Interior festival, which will take place from October 31st to November 2nd, will take you to Coimbra Samuel Úria and Selma Uamusse, with concerts by bands from the city.

The festival, a project by the Coimbra Lux Records label, starts on October 31st at Salão Brazil, with performances by Dirty Coal Train, The Act Ups and Flying Cages, three bands that participated in the coverbilly psychosis tribute album. Conimbricenses Boredom Boys, which will be published “briefly”, refers to the organization of the event, in a press release sent to Lusa agency.

On November 1st, Lux Interior moves to the Gil Vicente Academic Theater (TAGV), where will perform the Coimbra folk band Jigsaw and Selma Uamusse, which will release on vinyl on Lux Records their debut album. , “Mati”.

The festival ends on November 2nd, also at TAGV, with the performance of Samuel Úria, a Portuguese singer who launched in 2018 “Marcha Atroz”.

The first part will be assured by the locals Mancines, for whom Samuel Úria wrote the lyrics of the song “O Poço”, to be released on the band’s next original album.

The festival, which will take its name from American leader The Cramps, is also a time to mark the new releases of Lux Records, which plans to present the new albums of Mancines and Jigsaw at the time, the head of Lusa said. publisher, Rui Ferreira.

On October 11-12, there will be a warm-up of the festival, with concerts by Subway Riders, From Atomic, Ghost Hunt and Wipeout Beat, at the Brazil Salon.

Founded in 1996, Lux Records is linked to Coimbra rock, having edited names like Boredom Boys, Legendary Tigerman, Sean Riley & The Slowriders, D3O, Bunnyranch, Tiguana Bibles, It’s But Gone or Twist Connection.

Lux Records has also edited out-of-town bands, such as Dead Hand, X-Wife, Madame Godard or Americans Swell and Dean Wareham.

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