Samuel Úria on Musicbox December 9th

An unexpected ailment forces the postponement of Samuel Úria’s show announced for tomorrow, October 29th, at Musicbox, to December 9th. Tickets purchased are valid for the new date.
It is filled with sadness that I announce the postponement of what would be my next concert, “Pés de Roque Enrole – tomo II” at Musicbox. At this moment I find myself without a voice (literally, although it pains me as if it were symbolic) and with no prospect of recovering it in time for the performance – so this would be very demanding on a vocal level.

So I, who don’t even believe in the cosmic determinism of Karma, feel justly and poetically punished. A lifetime of procrastinating cravings – gloating over the postponement of school tests, or the rescheduling of serious conversations – I now find myself devastated by delays. Like Amália, last week I sang until my voice hurt me. Now I have to wait for the voice to return.

Samuel Uria

Samuel Úria was not one of the musicians to feel more directly the effects of the pandemic, confinement and respective rules. In fact, in September 2020 he published “Canções do Pós-Guerra”, his most recent work of originals, and still this year, taking advantage of the forced retreat at the beginning of 2021, he recorded “Canções do Pós-Guerra_Solo”, the digital EP also published on audio cassette. In fact, he has maintained a remarkable frequency of live presentations, especially in auditoriums and national theaters.

But, if there is something that he effectively lacked, either as a performer or as an anonymous audience member, it was the nights spent “in the dark” of the clubs, something that has not happened since March 2020. And what is the best way to celebrate the reopening? With a concert on Musicbox! A return to the iconic Lisbon nightlife space two years after having presented “Pés de Roque Enrole” there, this time with volume II of that show, which in 2019 was presented in this way and which Rita Carmo’s photos document.

The origin of the title chosen for this special concert that Samuel Úria will perform – Pés de Roque Wrap-is not properly established: his biography uses the frequently used expression “… half man half gospel, hands of fado and feet of rock roll .. .”; on the other hand, the song recorded in the past decade with the collective “As Velhas Glórias”, refers to it in “A Grande Eloquence do Roque Enrole”. They will then be clues.

But is this really important? Or will it be much more interesting to realize that Samuel Úria chose for this night the most “rock n’ roll” that exists in his repertoire, in a kind of return to basics? Or are there unbelievers among you who will doubt the intentions of the most talented singer-songwriter of his generation?

No, we’re not going to be hypocrites and tell you that you won’t listen to ballads or the bluesy sounds you’re used to, they’ll also be there… in spaces. Or that they won’t listen to a couple of new songs. Or even that there won’t be a moment or two of visiting the music of others. But the main purpose of this return to the club environment is this same: to imbue all those present with the most naive and childlike spirit of “roque enrol” throughout a night of pure energy.

The show will start at 11 pm with doors opening half an hour before. Tickets have a single price of €15 and can be purchased HERE.

And if this “Pés de Roque Enrole” promises to rock the night of the 29th, the presentation of “Canções do Pós-Guerra” will continue this weekend with a solo concert at DEVIR CAPA Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, in Faro , on the 9th of October. The next few weeks will also feature presentations in Sesimbra and Seixal.

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