Samuel Úria, Paulo Gonzo, Tiago Bettencourt and more at Teatro Virgínia in 2021

The new cultural season in Torres Novas starts on January 9th with a concert by Samuel Úria and the album ‘Canções do Pós-Guerra’, in a concert that starts scheduled for 7 pm.

On January 16, at 11 am, it will be the turn of the show ‘A Grande Viagem do Pequeno Mi’, by Madalena Vitorino, Ana Raquel, and Beatriz Marques Dias, to take the stage, in a show of dance, music, literature and illustration for children inspired by the work of Sandro William Junqueira with illustrations by Rachel Caiano and which will feature several sessions for schools.

On the same day, at 7 pm, the play ‘In the times of Gungunhana’, by Klemente Tsamba, will take place, based on the oral tradition of African storytellers, alongside a percussion workshop, at the headquarters of Banda Operária Torrejana , with the participation of the artist.

‘SYN.Tropia’, by Yola Pinto and Simão Costa, is a concert/dance for the deaf and other auditions that will take place on January 22 for schools and the next day for the general public.

Closing the month of January, on the 30th, is the turn of ‘FAKE’, by Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata, a play that explores the tensions between truth and lies, information and disinformation, individual and collective beliefs. On the 26th and 27th there will be a workshop to raise awareness of disinformation for secondary education as well as teachers and mediators.

The February program opens on the 6th, at 7 pm, with the dance show ‘Wednesday: the time of cherries’, by Cláudia Dias, the third episode of the cycle ‘Sete Anos Sete Peças’.

On February 13, at 7 pm, Paulo Gonzo takes the stage of Teatro Virgínia as part of the Festival ‘At Times Love’.

After the performance ‘A dream that cannot be broken and cannot be broken and cannot be?’, By A.ves, on February 19, at 8:30 pm, comedian Eduardo Madeira invites Manuel Marques and Joel Ricardo Santos for a performance on February 20 at 7 pm.

The play ‘Passos em Volta’, by João Garcia Miguel, with texts by Herberto Hélder, goes up to the stage on February 27th, at 7 pm, ending the month’s schedule.

On March 6, it is Tiago Bettencourt‘s turn to take the stage of the Virgínia Theater ‘2019 Rumo ao Eclipse’, his new original album.

The following week, in Torres Novas, he premiered ‘A Quinta dos Animais’, a co-production by Teatro Virgínia, by Inês Fonseca Santos. A political and satirical text, but also a fable about interpersonal relationships. On March 13th it will be the session for the general public and on 11th and 12th there will be sessions for schools.

On March 13, at 7 pm, the ‘GMS Quinteto de Metais’ takes place, and on the 20th, it is the turn of ‘Coletivo Habitacional’, by Susana Domingos Gaspar, a political choreography about housing, challenging dance to dwell on the basic questions of life.

The season ends with the premiere of ‘The Dragon between Heaven and Earth’ by the Virgínia Youth Theater Group on March 26 for schools and the next day for the general public.

Still within the scope of the Creative Lab, highlight to ‘Com Casa à Costas’ by Coletivo Lagoa, artistic and pedagogical work sessions that take place inside the classroom of daycare centers and kindergartens, an improvisation workshop in jazz and in words, the workshop ‘A Dança ea Literatura’, music and videomapping workshops, and the continuity of the work of ‘Teatro em Formação’.

In the first quarter of 2021 ticket sales will be made in a phased manner, with tickets for shows in January starting on today, December 22nd.

The February ones will go on sale from January 18, the March ones from 15 February, and can be purchased at the local ticket office, from Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6:30 pm, and at points of sale. Fnac, Worten or at

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