Samuel Úria presented “Canções do Pós-Guerra” at Teatro Tivoli BBVA

Last Tuesday, Samuel Úria presented the awaited album “Canções do Pós-Guerra“, in a sold-out concert at the Tivoli BBVA theater in Lisbon.

Úria is one of the most talented singers of his generation, with a unique ability to grab the stage and create memories to preserve.

The concert was a mixture of old and new with themes from this new album such as “Tempo aprazado”, “Aos pós”, “Fica Aquém”, “A Contenção”, “O Muro”, “Guerra e Paz”, and “As Traves”, and classics from older projects like “Carga de ombro” and “Espalha Brasas”.

Guitarist Jonatan Pires had the opportunity to debut his song that came out last week “Eu Só Preciso”. Úria also called to the stage Monday, where they sang the duet “Cedo“, from the new album.

The singer also took the time to dedicate a song to Amália Rodrigues, who would have been 100 this year, with the song “Beija os lábios da Amália”.

Nearing the end, Úria sang the themes “É Preciso que eu diminua”, “Vem de Novo” and “Segredei-te ao ouvido”, from his older records. The show’s encore consisted of the songs “Menina”, “Lenço Enxuto” and “Império” ending a perfect night.

Úria was accompanied by António Quitinho on bass, Miguel Ferreira and Miguel Sousa on keys, Tiago Ramos on drums, Jonatas Pires on guitar, and a choir.





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