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Samuel Úria with “Bathrobe Conversations” live with guests TODAY!

Samuel Úria starts his series “Bathrobe Conversations” on Instagram today and he doesn’t come alone

Samuel Úria premieres today, April 24, at 4 pm “Bathrobe Conversations” (in portuguese “Conversas de Roupão”), a series of conversations with guests, or should we say, friends, from the most diverse areas, from the living room of his house, on the sofa and, literally, in a bathrobe, and that will be broadcast live on SAPO24‘s Instagram.

The first guests will be Manuela Azevedo and Hélder Gonçalves dos Clã.

This is a return of Samuel Úria to the collaboration with Sapo24 after having signed weekly chronicles on that platform in recent years. The “Bathrobe Conversations” will continue in the coming weeks with moments that are expected to be unique.

Recently, Samuel Úria announced the new presentation dates for his new album, which will be listened to in Lisbon and Porto, respectively on October 6th and 7th, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA and Casa da Música.

“Canções do Pós-Guerra” is the title discovered for this new work by Samuel Úria. Premonitory? Perhaps … They say that art has this capacity, this resource to precede events.

In this case, this “war” will, as always, be interior and spiritual. Once again, Samuel Úria forces us to look inside. Not in an egocentric exercise, but as part of a necessary sharing path.


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