Samuel Úria’s new song “Aos Pós”

Album "Canções do Pós-Guerra" in stores on September 18, pre-sale on with exclusive offers

Aos Pós” is the new theme to be revealed, an encounter between the rock of Úria and the fervor of a gospel choir.

«As a rule, my most collective songs (those that sound to a studio crowd) are devoted to the effusiveness and timelessness of gospel celebrations. This time, I chose less for celebration and more for regret. Less timelessness, more present and generational commentary – in that sense, it was like transmuting the gospel choir to a Greek choir. In the middle, the voice of reason sings over dated rock. The reason is dated. » says Samuel Úria about “Aos Pós

Canções do Pós-Guerra“, the long-awaited Samuel Úria‘s project, is also his most mature and direct work ever. An album that questions post-modernity and the collective failure of all of us without exception. In between, rays of light and hope emerge, the possible happy endings that we long for, anchored in the certainty that life continues, deserves to be lived, and that love is worth and triumphs.

Aos Pós” is the opening track, a declaration of intent that is now made known, accompanied by the video lyrics of Joana Linda – so that no verse goes unnoticed. In this fourth theme to be revealed, Samuel Úria is critical and uses the word with the texture and intelligence that we already know, in an analysis of the present moment and a finger on the wound of his generation:

Canções do Pós-Guerra” hits stores on CD and vinyl on September 18th and is already available in pre-sale at FNAC with exclusive offers.


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