Santa Casa Alfama exceeded all expectations

The biggest fado festival in Lisbon, attended by Ana Moura, Gisela João, Ricardo Ribeiro and many more, young, less young, more or less known, but that bring Fado to life.

Santa Casa Alfama has one of the best posters ever, for two days of much and good fado, which took place between 27 and 28 September, Ana Moura, Gisela João, Ricardo Ribeiro, Katia Guerreiro, Marco Rodrigues, Jorge Fernando and Sara Correia but also young, amateur or veteran.

The schedule included more than 40 concerts. With the best-known fado singers performing at Palco Santa Casa. Ana Moura dazzled, the singer and author of the album Undo, acted on the first day, and who was present gave not her time for lost – but also Sara Correia and Marco Rodrigues who featured Marisa Lis and Tiago Pais Dias (Love Electro), sang and delighted the audience present.

On the second day Gisela João was one of the names present at a surprise concert, and as usual, she discovered, we had a tribute to the Queen of Fado – Amália – With Tânia Oleiro, Diamantina and Gonçalo Salgueiro, singing the Diva’s fados.

Kátia Guerreiro was also present and performed for a very public present who accompanied the fado singer. Ricardo Ribeiro was able to close the Festival, and it was well worth the wait to see this singer, who “filled” the stage with his voice and interpreting his greatest hits.

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