Santa Casa Alfama reveals Amália Stage full schedule

Alfama returns to dressing fado in 2020, with another edition of Santa Casa Alfama. The great Fado Festival will be back on the 2nd and 3rd of October, respecting all the rules of the Directorate-General for Health, ensuring the safety of the public and everyone involved in the Santa Casa Alfama.

These emotions will be the same or even stronger, in the centenary year of Fado diva Amália Rodrigues. And this event makes the Amália Stage, again installed at the Abreu Advogados Auditorium, gain (even more) prominence. And the fadista proposals are in line with these very special circumstances: on October 2nd, the Amália Stage receives the powerful voices of Vânia Duarte and André Baptista; on October 3rd, it is the turn of the talents of Catarina Rocha and Francisco Salvação Barreto.

In addition to this stage, there is one more announcement to make: Fado à Janela is back! Essential to nurture the unique atmosphere of what is lived in Alfama during the Festival, this moment makes guitars trill and resound throughout the neighborhood, from Largo de São Miguel, due to the talent of the musicians Jorge Silva, José Manuel Rodrigues and Gilberto Silva.



Vânia Duarte was born on October 13, 1984. She sang fado for the first time at the age of 12 and soon she realized that she could stay for fado. Vânia Duarte is a voice with past, present and future in fado, and it promises to win over the audience present at the Abreu Advogados Auditorium, on October 2nd, in yet another edition of Santa Casa Alfama.


André Baptista was born in Lisbon on April 19, a day when fado would gain another great voice. Soon he went to live in Sines where he spent all his childhood. Since he was a boy he showed a special taste for music and it is in Porto Covo, at a magusto dinner, that he starts to sing accompanied by guitar and viola. And on October 2nd, it can also be heard in another edition of Santa Casa Alfama, on the Amália Stage, installed in the Abreu Advogados Auditorium.


Catarina Rocha is a Portuguese fado singer, born in Beira Alta, considered one of the soprano voices of fado, characterized by being very melodious and crystalline. It is also very eclectic in its way of singing, crossing fado with other musical influences, namely jazz. After launching the “Fado Abananado”, the fadista Catarina Rocha now releases the second single “Agora é que vai vai”, a theme that, in times of pandemic, leaves us a message of joy and hope. It is a case of saying that the October 3rd will be: on the Amália Stage.


In the words of Camané, who signs the voice direction on the album “Horas da Vida”, the style of Francisco Salvação Barreto is “authentic” and “it imposed itself in his way of singing”. Francisco’s fado is reinvented in traditional melodies and lyrics by lyricists, such as João Monge, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, José Luís Gordo and Aldina Duarte, with whom he works at the fado house Sr. Vinho, by Maria da Fé, and also in his experience, as a landscape architect and a man interested in art history in general. Then, we can count on his beautiful vocal timbre and on the Amália Stage, on October 3rd.


Located in Largo de São Miguel, ‘Fado à Janela’ again fills the streets and alleys of Alfama with fado and the soul of guitars. Jorge Silva, Gilberto Silva, and José Manuel Rodrigues will have in their hands a Portuguese Guitar, a Viola and a Bass, respectively, and promise to contribute to an absolutely unforgettable experience, lived on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

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