Santa Casa Alfama starts today and welcomes more than 50 artists

The festival, which takes place today and Saturday, has the participation of more than 50 artists, and will respect sanitary rules, such as the use of masks, the placement of disinfecting stations, and may reach 75% of the capacity.

The festival has ten stages throughout the Alfama district, including churches such as S. Miguel and Santo Estêvão, and recreational societies such as Boa União, Grupo Sportivo Adicence, and Magalhães de Lima, and is also located in the Fado Museum, and it reaches the riverfront with the main stage, Santa Casa Alfama, and the windows of Largo S. Miguel.

The cruise terminal, in addition to receiving artists on the terrace, such as André Baptista, hosts a videomapping projection about Carlos do Carmo (1939-2021), and an exhibition about the fado singer, creator of hits such as “Canoas do Tejo”, “Os Putos”, “Train Dismantled”, “Lisbon, Menina e Moça” and “Fado Anarda”, among others.

The tribute to the performer of “Bairro Alto”, this year, also includes the inclusion of a theme from his repertoire in the performances of all the fado singers.

Sara Correia, Jorge Fernando, Fábia Rebordão, who recently edited the double CD “Eu Sri”, Miguel Moura, Teresinha Landeiro, who edited a new album “Agora”, last April, Rita Guerra, Maria João Quadros, guitarist Marta Pereira da Costa, Marco Rodrigues, António Pinto Basto, Tânia Oleiro, António Laranjeiro, Paulo de Carvalho, Ricardo Ribeiro, Gil do Carmo, son of the fado singer Carlos do Carmo, FF, Tozé Brito, André Dias, António Pinto Bastos, Teresa Tapadas, Gonçalo Salgueiro and Ana Sofia Varela are other names on the poster.

The daily ticket price is 20 euros and the pass for the two days costs 30 euros.


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