‘Santa Casa – Portugal ao Vivo’ brings 40 concerts to Porto and Lisbon

Santa Casa – Portugal ao Vivo, presents “20 20 Culture for all”, an initiative that aims to retake and encourage culture in Portugal.

Everything is New and PEV Entertainment will simultaneously produce 20 shows in Lisbon, at Campo Pequeno, and 20 shows in Porto, at the Super Bock Arena Pavilhão Rosa Mota. A total of 40 shows, starting on October 31 and ending on December 19.

“20 20 Culture for all” reflects not only a numbers game that wants to be a coincidence between the year 2020 and the fact that there are 20 shows produced in the two chosen cities, but also wants to be an appeal to the inevitability of bringing culture back to the day by day for all Portuguese. A need that wants to promote a reunion between the public and artists, promising to bring to the stage the best of national music and comedy.

The poster 100% Portuguese, with highly recognized artists, includes Jorge Palma, Plutónio, Xutos & Pontapés, Aurea, Carminho, Paulo Gonzo, Branko, Rodrigo Leão, Mariza, Camané and Mário Laginha, David Carreira, Os Quatro e Meia, The Gift, Mishlawi, Moonspell , Dino D’Santiago, Fernando Daniel, Tiago Nacarato and Bárbara Tinoco, Anjos, Mariza, Rui Veloso, Diogo Piçarra, Richie Campbell, Amor Electro and the comedians César Mourão and Fernando Rocha.

This is an impactful project, where a 100% Portuguese poster is presented, with highly recognized artists. An opportunity that comes at a time when the artistic environment and all the activities that gravitate towards this environment go through difficult moments, this being the central objective of the project.

The concept and values ​​adjacent to this project are fully in line with SCML’s values ​​and strategy, not only by supporting national talent but also by strengthening support for culture.

The dimension and scope of the project, the counterparts inherent to it, the strong communication component in the media and the strategic alignment are perfectly aligned with the SCML strategic axis. The focus is therefore on the impact and visibility extracted for the brand: Naming Sponsor of the event in both cities;

Exclusively for shows in the Lisbon region, the Lisbon City Council/EGEAC participates with funding in a co-production format, its main purpose being to support the contracting of sound, light, and stage services. The same happens with the financing coming from the Porto City Council, a presence that is intended only for shows in the northern region, as a way to help support all the technical costs implicit in each show.

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