Santander and MIT launch scholarship program

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Santander Universidades Portugal launched a new scholarship program in partnership with MIT Professional Education.

The program’s 100 grants are for all graduates and professionals from various sectors who want to learn how to lead the digital transformation in their companies or organizations.

With a duration of five weeks, the online program “Leading Digital Transformation” aims to give participants the ability to learn about, accelerate and manage the transformation processes of companies resulting from the impact of technology and the new digital economy.

The course will offer an introduction to the knowledge of the main digital technologies that are accelerating the economy and business: from artificial intelligence to Cloud computing, as well as areas such as Blockchain or cybersecurity.

Over the five weeks, participants will learn to identify their leadership strengths and use them to boost creativity and innovation. Managing the multicultural diversity of corporate environments is also another key theme of the course.

At your disposal, the scholarship holders will have a more practical learning experience that includes several interactive materials. The program also encourages them to collaborate with each other through group activities and to participate in discussion forums on the topics covered.

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