Sant’Anna Factory (1741)


It has showcase in the Street of the Alecrim since 1916, but the nerve centre of this mature business lives in Ajuda. Oh, every step we take, in one of the oldest factories in Lisbon, we find history squares on the walls. Inaugurated in 1741 at Rua de Sant’Anna à Lapa, she moved to Junqueira when Avenida Infante Santo tore the factory in half. In the 30’s he settled in Ajuda, where he still works today, also as a shop (besides the second store in Rua do Alecrim). Everything here is created through the use of ancestral techniques and craft processes, from modelling to cooking. You can either order a tile with 16th-century patterns, tile and earthenware panels, order a restoration or even attend a tile workshop. You will be learning from the best.

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