São Brás de Alportel continues road safety plan

Drainage, repair of sidewalks and climbing of the surrounding Carrera Viegas Garden in São Brás de Alportel are ongoing. The work in progress consists of painting crosswalks, longitudinal and cross lines, as the reinforcement of vertical signs at points regarding road accidents on the roads that are within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

An undertaking to represent a global investment of € 19,934.28 plus VAT, awarded to the company José de Sousa Barra & Filhos, Lda, with an execution period of 30 days.
The streets used in the project are: Padre Sena Neto Street and João de Deus Street (they remain excluded at Carrera Viegas Street, to qualify to be executed in 2020 or a general requalification project).

As the works result in the follow-up of the development of the Road Safety Plan, providing for an improvement of the conditions of road crossing in the streets of Vila, and in recent years the wheelchairs have been raised to the level of the ride more than three crossings. smart walkways.

This is an investment in the road safety municipality that other future investments are being analyzed and analyzed, as the first were made in all schools of the county and now are quickly related to accessibility circuits and interconnect all items and public spaces of the city. County

das as escolas do Concelho e agora estão rapidamente relacionadas aos circuitos de acessibilidade e interligar todos os itens e espaços públicos do Concelho.

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