São Brás de Alportel gets ready to live a traditional carnival “party”

São Brás de Alportel is getting ready to live its so much fun Traditional Carnival with a program headed by the Children’s Parade, scheduled for next Friday morning and by the Parade of “Folião” and floats, scheduled for next Sunday afternoon, which, year after year, attracting thousands of people to celebrate this season in the heart of the Algarve. Until Ash Wednesday, the program is still packed with dancers and gatherings to revive the traditions of the Algarve Entrudo.

Good disposition, creativity, tradition and originality are the ingredients of this Algarve Entrudo that is lived in São Brás de Alportel, brightened with the indispensable commitment of the São Brasenses and their associations.

The Carnival edition of “São Brases” is launched this Friday, the 21st, at 10 am, with the Children’s Carnival Parade prepared by hundreds of children and educators from schools in the municipality who are playing to address a very important theme: sustainability at sea, in the countryside and in the city!

On Saturday, starting at 8 pm, Futebol Clube Cabeça do Velho invites you to dance and play at Carnival, which also has a Masquerade Competition, which is already a tradition of the Carnival Ball that animates the mountain area.

Carnival Sunday begins with the most entertaining March-Run of the year which in this edition invites you to get to know the mountain area, starting at 10 am, at the headquarters of Futebol Clube Cabeça do Velho.

The afternoon is reserved for the traditional parade of revellers and floats that takes to the streets, at 3 pm, on Avenida da Liberdade, transformed this day into “Avenida do Carnaval” in São Paulo, where everyone can participate, with free entry and participation. The defence of the traditions of the Entrudo is reborn every year in this typical Portuguese carnival, in an appeal to revelry and creativity!

Popular humour, with a hint of hushiness and a filling of political and social satire, are the ingredients that sharpen the imagination of the participants who perform on São Paulo’s “Avenida do Carnaval” with costumes, props, choreography and floats that shine and invite Just kidding.

An initiative promoted by the Municipality, with the support of local associations and informal groups. With this objective in mind and to stimulate community participation, the City Council grants monetary support to the participating associations, which intends to help defray the costs of making cars and costumes.

On Monday night, the Museum Club invites to another fun Carnival Ball, to take place at the Costume Museum.
Over the weekend, there are even more suggestions to live this carnival season intensely, with emphasis on the traditional Balls in the “Zé Dias” space, where Saturday and Monday’s nights are traditional meeting points.

The Carnival program of São Brás de Alportel ends on Tuesday of Carnival, with the traditional special Carnival Dance Tea that the Parish Council promotes in the Ballroom of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, starting at 3 pm.

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