São Brás de Alportel marks the beginning of a new year with a welcome meeting for the school community

The Municipality of São Brás de Alportel promoted this Wednesday, September 11th, the traditional Opening Ceremony of the School Year which in the 2019/2020 edition brought together in Jardim da Verbena teachers, educators and other collaborators of the county schools in The presence of the regional education delegate, Alexandre Lima, the mayor and vice-mayor of São Brás de Alportel, Vitor Guerreiro and Marlene Guerreiro, the director of the
Nídia Amaro, the president of the São Brás de Alportel Parish Council, João Rosa, and representatives of a set of partner entities from the school community. An initiative carried out with the collaboration of José Belchior Viegas School Group.

The ceremony began with a very special musical moment in the former Bandstand in that 16th Century Baroque Garden, whose history goes back to the Episcopal Palace, which served for centuries as a summer residence for the Bishops of the Algarve: the performance of the Young Melody group, composed by young students at the São Brás de Alportel Philharmonic Band School of Music, many of whom started in music through the project “A Band Goes to School”, which results from a partnership between the municipality and that cultural association with the support of the Ministry Education and School Grouping. Because partnerships are assumed by the municipality as preponderant for an integrated and committed community school capable of forming active and participatory men and women, the signing ceremony of a new Protocol signed between the Municipality and the Conservatory was followed by the ceremony. d’Artes de São Brás de Alportel, which will make it possible to provide music education to preschool classes.

“We want an inclusive, comprehensive and integrated school,” said Mayor Vitor Guerreiro in his welcome message to the school community. For são-brasense, education is the most important project in the life of the community, so the involvement of the entire population, of all ages and generations and of all cultures is essential, but also the contribution of the associative mass and the primary support of the entities such as the GNR with the “Safe School” program and the Community Care Unit, UCC Al-Portellus, partnership, among other projects in the development of Vale + Saúde – Child Ophthalmology, responsible for screening all students.

Aware that education is a challenging and constantly evolving area, Vitor Guerreiro left a thank you to all professionals who work in the county with professionalism and dedication. This year, the José Belchior Viegas School Group includes more than 150 teachers, around 130 staff and more than 1,600 students, from pre-school to secondary school.

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