São João National Theater exhibits two works in Luxembourg

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The tour of São João’s shows in Luxembourg begins today, with ‘Castro’, by the poet António Ferreira, a production that marked the beginning of the centenary program of the Institution’s headquarters building.

‘Castro’ is part of the homonymous work by poet António Ferreira, a Renaissance tragedy that recounts the historical (or legendary) drama of the love of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro, exposing issues such as desire and power, vice and chaos, or impunity and arrogance, like blindness that darkens from that ancient light the clear ray.

The show can be seen today and Saturday at 20:00, and tickets cost 20 euros.

On Saturday, Nuno Cardoso takes to the scene ‘Achadiço’, a show designed especially for Cape Verde, where it premiered, in 2019, at the 25th edition of Mindelact, the largest performing arts event in West Africa.

The work ‘Achadiço’ is a solo by the artistic director of São João that combines characteristics of a conference, ‘performance’ and an autobiographical class on theater and dramaturgy.

‘Achadiço’ takes the stage at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg on Saturday at 15:00 and admission is free.

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