São Miguel restaurants promote Azores brand

You’ll be able to find a special menu with Azores brand products in the restaurants of São Miguel island, and with a very low price, this is an initiative of the Regional Government and the Azores Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Vice Presidency of the Government of the Azores, together with the Society for the Business Development of the Azores, and in partnership with the Azores Chamber of Commerce and Industry, promotes the promotion of the Azores Brand in certified restaurants for five weeks.

In a press release, it is intended to “boost and promote companies holding products and services with the Azores Brand seal under the Mercado dos Açores project”, and “enhance local production”.

The Government of the Azores also intends to “reinforce the competitiveness of regional companies, promoting the immediate and simple identification of products and establishments with the Azores Brand Seal”.

There are already about 200 Azorean branded companies, and the regional government intends to join more initiatives to boost the region’s products and enhance not only products but also companies, increasing demand and boosting employment.

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