São Roque Museum displays Russian art icons in Portugal

More than half a hundred Marian-themed Russian icons will be gathered at the exhibition ‘Under the Mantle of Our Lady – Collections of Russian Art in Portugal’, which opens on Saturday at the São Roque Museum in Lisbon.

Until November 24, the public will be able to view a collection of selected pieces from collections of Russian Byzantine art collections in the country, according to the show’s presentation.

Among the exhibits will be the Ladies of Vladimir, Kazan, Tikhvin and Smolensk, icons that refer to the liturgical songs, the veneration of the Protective Virgin of all humanity, the icons Cloak of the Lady, and those illustrating steps of the earthly life of the Virgin. .

The main nuclei of this type of art in Portugal come from the legacy of Ana Maria Pereira da Gama, donated to the Grão Vasco National Museum, in Viseu, which includes about two hundred pieces, and the legacy of Pedro Vieira da Fonseca, donated Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum in Cascais, with 17 icons.

The exhibition is divided into the cores’ Earthly Life of Our Lady ‘,’ Old Testament and Symbolic Images of the Virgin ‘,’ Images of Our Lady in the Liturgy and Russian Iconostasis’, ‘Illustration of Songs of Veneration of Our Lady’ and ‘Images of Our Lady in best known and most revered icons. ‘

This show, according to the organization, brings together pieces of Russian art “with unparalleled visual richness, representative of an intense veneration of a people who believe that the Mantle of Our Lady protects it, especially in dramatic times.”

Christianity was associated in history with a theology of the icon, originating from Byzantium, the city of ancient Greece, also contextualizes the presentation of the exhibition.

The calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church honors about 260 miraculous images of Our Lady, with about 860 different Marian iconographies in that country.

‘Under the Mantle of Our Lady – Collections of Russian Art in Portugal’ results from a partnership between the D. Luís I Foundation and Lisbon’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia (São Roque Museum), proposed by the Center for Russian Art and Culture, with the support of the Cascais Town Hall (Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum) and the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage (Grão Vasco National Museum).

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