São Silvestre in Lisbon was the race with the most finalists in 2018

São Silvestre de Lisboa was the race with the most athletes finalists in 2018, with 9,450 classified, 239 more than the Lisbon Half Marathon, announced today the organization of the traditional end-of-year race.

The race held over 10 kilometers on the streets of the Portuguese capital on December 29, also surpassed the registration of São Silvestre do Porto, which traveled the same distance a day later, for a total of 8,550 finalists, while the Half Marathon Lisbon had 9,211 ranked athletes.

Triathlete João Pereira and Dulce Félix, both from Benfica, won the 2018 edition of the Lisbon test.

Still, according to the organization of São Silvestre de Lisboa, the record obtained in 2018 is the second of the 11 editions of the race, only beaten by the 10,148 finalists of 2015. In that year, São Silvestre of Porto beat the national record of classified athletes, with 10,880 finalists.

2017, 2015 and 2016 editions of the Lisbon Half Marathon also have records higher than São Silvestre de Lisboa, with 10,582, 10,561 and 10,281 finalists, respectively.

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