Sara Monteiro presents “Voltas”

The new single is called “Voltas” and is the second theme that Sara Monteiro presents to the public.

Voltas” is very special for Sara. It talks about the loss of fundamental pillars of our life. Sara’s inspiration for writing this theme was the loss of her grandparents and uncle.

The theme has a very personal nature and shows much more of Sara and her family, but even so, she believes that many will identify.

The theme is produced and edited by Panela Rec. It has in the composition of the music: Ariel, Gonçalo Malafaia, Sara Monteiro, Daniel Gonçalves, Dullia. In the lyrics: Ariel, Gonçalo Malafaia, Sara Monteiro, Daniel Gonçalves, Dullia.

Sara Monteiro was born in Matosinhos and is currently 18 years old. It was in 2014, aged just 10, that she signed up for the television show “The Voice Kids” on Rtp1, which was mentored by singer Daniela Mercury. It was on The Voice that Sara realized it was the music she wanted to do for the rest of her life. In 2015, Sara returned to participate in another program, this time on TVI, “Pequenos Gigantes” and her passion for music grew more and more. A few years later, in 2019, Sara participated in the program “La Banda”. After all these experiences, and in the middle of the pandemic, Sara started composing her first songs at home.
This year she already released her first single “Escolhas”.

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