Sara Vidal celebrates 15 years of career with solo album

‘Matriz’ is Sara Vidal’s first solo album, whose theme covers the stages of a woman’s life, work, marriage, going through childbirth and adultery.

For the singer, who belonged to Luar na Lubre, a Celtic-inspired group, it is a return to her origins, after her experience in the Galician group and in several bands of traditional Portuguese music. The album is a musical map of the country, having only been left out of the Azores.

Thus, there are a total of 12 songs, which come from Minho, ‘Verde Gaio/Lengalenga’, Madeira, ‘Baile da Meia Volta’, and Beira Baixa, ‘Descante aos Noivos’, Trás-os-Montes, ‘Agora Vou-me Deitar’, Ribatejo, ‘A Rosa (Já os Galos Cantam)’, Beira Alta, ‘Fiando o Linho’, ‘Adelaidinha’ and ‘Romance da Claralinda’, Alentejo, ‘Idalina‘, and Algarve, ‘Faça Ai Ai, Meu Menino’.

In addition to Sara Vidal (voice and harp), the album featured the collaboration, among others, of musicians Manuel Maio (mandolin, violin, piano and voice), Rui Ferreira (‘fretless’ bass, guitar, piano and percussion), Ricardo Coelho (percussion), Rogério Cardoso Pires and André Cardoso (guitar), João Pratas (bagpipe), José Fidalgo (double bass), Sofia Adriana Portugal (voice and percussion) and Ângela Oliveira, Joana Castro, Teresa Campos and Tânia Cardoso (voice).

The album started to be thought of in 2011, when the singer left Luar na Lubre, and it was done very calmly. In between, the interpreter participated in other projects such as Diabo a 7 and A Presença das Formigas, having started the pre-production of the new album in 2017.

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