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Portuguese sardine Nuri goes around the world in the Golden Globe Race 2022

On September 4th, sailing enthusiast and professional Michael Guggenberger will start the “Golden Globe Race 2022”, a non-stop


around the world.

Also on board will be sardines from the cult brand NURI and best seller by Pinhais, an unavoidable symbol of the national canning industry. The famous yellow can will accompany the navigator, not only as a sponsor – 300 cans full of NURI sardines, going around the world, whose starting point is Les Sables-d’Olonn, in France. After the regatta, they will be available in an exclusive limited edition in the brand’s stores.

NURI, an iconic brand, begins a journey around the world together with Michael Guggenberger. The navigator will depart in his boat named “NURI“, a 36-foot-long “Biscay” from “Falmouth Boat Constructions“, 1975, built especially for the race. The boat “NURI” bears the namesake of the main sponsor, the traditional artisanal sardines of Portuguese worship. “NURI, the “Golden Globe Race” and I are united by values ​​such as tradition, passion, quality, love of the sea and, not least, by the hands that with all care and mastery recall centuries-old arts.”, says Michael Guggenberger.

NURI – A delicacy anywhere in the world
In addition to the 10-month supply of food, there are books, music, and 300 cans of NURI sardines, which will be on board the “NURI“. The cans, which will travel around the world, are not intended for consumption during the race, so they will be available after the race in a special limited edition in the online store.

Since 1920, NURI sardines have been produced in Matosinhos, in Pinhais, home of the iconic brand positioned for the export market. The historic cannery maintains the original artisanal process, which has remained unchanged over the last century, being the only canning factory in Portugal that, in all its production, preserves the centuries-old tradition.

Due to the direct location on the Portuguese Atlantic coast, the connection to the sea, and, therefore, to sailing, Matosinhos fishermen have been going to sea for several generations to catch sardines with the best quality.

Alone, non-stop and without any outside help
In the “Golden Globe Race”, 18 sailors from different nations sail 30,000 miles, non-stop, alone and without outside help. They sail without the latest technology on standard long keel boats that were designed before 1988 and are between 32 and 36 feet (9.75 to 10.97 meters) in length.

The race will start on 4 September 2022 in Les Sables-d’Olonne on the French Atlantic coast. Since 2015, Guggenberger has been preparing intensively for his life’s dream and is now the first captain of a German-speaking country in the race’s long history. It should also be noted that, for the first time, a Portuguese canned food brand is present in the “Golden Globe Race”, a non-stop regatta around the world, through the sponsorship of the sailor, whose boat bears the name of the brand itself: “NURI”.

The ‘Golden Globe Race’ contrasts with modern ocean racing and harkens back to the golden age of solo sailing,” says Michael Guggenberger.The regatta is sailed with sextants on paper charts, the logbook is handwritten and the weather conditions are determined by the sailors themselves.” This reality is similar to the traditional production method of Pinhais, a mostly manual process, with NURI being 100% handmade and packed by hand.

For around 300 days, the race will take sailors from Les Sables-d’Olonne, through the Canary Islands to Trinidad, through the Cape of Good Hope, through Australia, New Zealand and Cape Horn, then back across the Atlantic to Les Sables- d’Olonne.

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