SATA opens tender to admit between 20 to 24 crews

SATA Group has opened a tender to hire between 20 and 24 crews to operate “no major concerns” operational in 2019, announced its chairman of the board of directors.

António Teixeira, speaking at Ponta Delgada airport on the island of São Miguel, following the baptism of Azores Airlines’ A321neo aircraft, which has been operational since April, said that “normally for the planes that are being bought through of leasing, seven crews are required to operate each of these devices. ”

As all fleets in the fleet have “very similar characteristics,” they allow for “better coordination of crews and greater efficiency in terms of replacements and the entire operating plan of next year,” according to the company’s head.

The crews to be hired will meet the “pressing needs”, a process that “takes some time” and to move forward in 2019, aiming to “consolidate the strategy and routes” of SATA.

António Teixeira stated that “no measures have been studied or analyzed in the SATA group – which recorded a loss of more than 38,000 euros in the second quarter of this year, and the SATA Internacional operation had losses of 28 million euros” , initially analyzing which workers can be “re-organized within the company and in which other functions there is some demand”.

The SATA group will also analyze how many workers are in a position to advance to retirement, taking into account the changes to the retirement rules that will be introduced with the 2019 State Budget.

On the sale of 49.9% of the share capital of Azores Airlines, the chairman of the SATA group said that the proposal presented by the Icelandic carrier Loftleiðir Icelandic “is being analyzed” and that it has already been in talks with the company that is prepare the legal opinion, whose final version will be received during the current or next week to decide the next steps to take.

António Teixeira said that the SATA group is undergoing a financial restructuring that is expected to begin later this month, until mid-November, using a loan that is being negotiated with the bank and will make the company “more efficient”.

At the christening ceremony of the A321neo aircraft of Azores Airlines, the Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works said that the entry of these aircraft with these characteristics is giving operational efficiency to the company, since they allow to lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions, along with greater flexibility in fleet management.

Ana Cunha exemplified that in the first half of 2018 the consumption (in kilograms of spent fuel) of the A321neo “was lower than the A320 by 6%, the A310 by 49% and the A330 by 54%.”

Today, the SATA group said goodbye to the A310 that had the service, which has been operating for 19 years.

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