Saxophonist Peter Brötzmann at the opening of ‘Jazz em Agosto’

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The 37th edition of Jazz em Agosto, from July 29th to August 8th, will be contaminated by the continuous invention of the gift by 80-year-old German saxophonist and artist Peter Brötzmann, and by the 1968 album “Machine Gun”.

Peter Brötzmann returns to Jazz in August in a trio format, accompanied by drummer Han Bennink, and pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach.

Until August 8th, the festival will feature 14 concerts, to take the pulse of the jazz that is made today, and which will be divided between two auditoriums of the foundation.

The poster also highlights the large presence of Portuguese artists, even because of the circumstances of limited international circulation due to the pandemic and as a way, the foundation says, to support the national artistic fabric.

Highlight for the performance, on the 31st of July, by the trio Ikizukuri – Gonçalo Almeida, Gustavo Costa and Julius Gabriel -, with the trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, and, on the 5th of August, by the Pedro Moreira Sax Ensemble, for eight saxophonists, one pianist and a drummer, revisiting music composed for the show “Two Maybe More”, by Marco Martins.

The Swedish saxophonist Mats Magnunsson will have a double participation in the festival, with the Fire! trio, extended to a quintet, and with the collective The End, with the participation of the singer Sofia Jernberg.

Jazz em Agosto will also open space for solos by trumpeter Luís Vicente (30th July), drummer Gabriel Ferrandini (06th August) and Austrian percussionist Katharina Ernst (07th August).

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