Say yes to homemade food: It gives more work, but it pays off.

Preparing lunch at home to take to work helps you save money and make sure you eat the food you choose, with quality and quantity. This was the premise for the beginning of the workshop ‘Healthy Marmitas’, which USF Almonda held in the auditorium of the Torres Novas Unit on World Food Day.

From the importance of the quality and variety of foods to put in the pot, how some foods should be heated, so that this process does not alter its composition and consequent health benefits, Rita Roldão, nutritionist, gave examples, tips and guides the assistance through suggestions of positive changes that the preparation of the kettle can introduce in the daily food.

The nutritionist stressed the importance of creating healthy eating habits early on, by presenting the snacks that are prepared for the little ones to take to school as a good food education opportunity. The alternative is to choose from a number of unprocessed, balanced, and colorful food groups that appeal to the younger ones for choices that can be very tasty and healthier.

In the workshop were also presented videos with several healthy options that demonstrated the ease and speed of preparation of a kettle.

Pedro Sousa, director of the USF Almonda reinforced the importance of a varied diet in the promotion of health, as well as the benefits in choosing the type and quantity of food in the time of constituting the weekly menus for the whole family.

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