SBSR.FM Em Sintonia starts today in Lisbon

The festival Rádio SBSR.FM Em Sintonia starts at 15:00 today, at Altice Arena, with the first three conferences of a cycle under the theme “The Music Industry in the current context”.

Afterward, they will pass through the three stages set up in the enclosure: ProfJam and benjiprice, Chico da Tina, Conjunto Cuca Monga, Ganso, the show “Closer Integral” – Joy Division 40 years later (which brings together Flak, Alexandre Cortez, Luís San Payo, Filipe Valentim, João Peste and Nancy Knox), Paulo Bragança, Ivandro, Amaura, Hause Plants and Domingues.

The stages will be located in three different rooms – Arena, Sala Tejo, and Sala Fernando Pessa, and the public will be able to circulate among them.

In the Arena, the main space, the seats are marked and numbered, people always have their place.

In case any of the other stages are full, the spectators will be informed through the security elements and the assistants, because there will be assistants to take people to the places. In the smallest rooms, whenever someone leaves, the place where they were sitting is disinfected.

On Friday, the festival Rádio SBSR.FM Em Sintonia – Tune in to National Music starts again at 15:00, with three other conferences

The following will act: Capitão Fausto, Papillon, B Fachada, Afonso Cabral, Filipe Karlsson, Pedro de Tróia, IAN, Jasmim, Acid Acid and Sreya.

Those who have tickets to the festival can attend the conferences, upon prior registration. The concerts start at 17:15.

During the festival, a collection of non-perishable food will be made at the site for União Audiovisual, an informal group created in the context of a pandemic to help workers in the Culture sector.

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