School holidays are coming get ready

School holidays are coming, and I work at home, I have to find activities to do with my children, we’re going to have walks and physical activity, but when we’re at home, during the hot hours, what am I working on?

My children, still young, are going to be on vacation again, and I’m going to be home with them because I work at home, it won’t be easy, but of course, I’ll try, that we can all have fun.

After two years of the pandemic, closed at home, I started to value the company of family and friends more, but also, the well-being at home of my wife and children, so this vacation we are going to organize again, tours, outings for running and cycling, cooking sessions and of course games for the family and for them when I need to be working.

As soon as the holidays approach, I start looking for game sites, that they can play without me being worried about what they are playing because it is easy for them to enter sites where the games are not for their age.

Keeping them busy is not easy, the web is so vast, and the dangers for children and teenagers are real, so it was a pleasant surprise when in one of my searches I found the site money-games.

This website is full of fun games for children and adults, in which we can let my children play without being concerned with the content and message they convey.

But I have to confess, I too started playing on the site, Merge Blocks, it is one of my favorites, my children and I ended up doing championships, but I usually lose, of course.

My kids must have played almost all of them, but their favorites are LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect and Kingdoms Wars, it’s hours and hours of non-stop fun.

But of course, there are many other alternatives, Real Estate Games, Money Games, Cryptocurrency Games, Farming Simulation Games, Grocery Store Games, Business Simulation Games, Software Development Games, Office Politics Games, and Environmental Games among others.

These are just some of the games you find on-site Money-games, prepare yourself for many hours of fun alone or even better as a family.

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