Science and art join forces in a project to enhance cultural heritage

The art of keeping history alive. That is what the Conservation and Restoration Clinic (CCR) of the Universidade Portucalense, specialized in painting, carving, tiles, and ceramics, seeks.

This service provision center came to serve an open market for public, private, and church attendants, who wish to value and preserve works in order to maintain their original characteristics.

“If we have a piece at home that we want to restore in order to maintain its characteristics, the Clinic is available with specialized technicians, who check for pathologies or gaps and make a proposal for intervention,” explained Isabel Vaz Freitas, responsible for CCR.

CCR has existed since 1999 and saw the need for expansion. For this reason, it has also started training courses in the areas of its specialty, such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Artistic Heritage, Conservation and Restoration, which is currently being applied for. Registration is open to professionals or students in the areas of heritage and the arts.

The Conservation and Restoration Clinic is a functional unit of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Its main objectives are to develop the practice of providing services and research activities.

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